noted – ترجمة معني noted بالعربي

مسألة وموضوع اليوم هو

noted ترجمة، معني noted بالعربي، ترجمة دقيقة وموثوقة مغزى well noted، معني كلمة noted بالعربية ، ترجمة كلمة note

ترجمة noted

renowned, noted, lustrous, prominent, famed, celebrated
famous, known, renowned, famed, celebrated, noted
ذائع الصيت
famous, noted, ranking
مدوي السمعة

Define Noted توضيح Noted

well known; famous.
the restaurant is noted for its high standards of cuisine
مرادفات: renowned, well-known, famous, famed, prominent, celebrated, notable, of note, important, eminent, distinguished, illustrious, acclaimed, esteemed, of distinction, of repute
notice or pay particular attention to (something).
noting his mother’s unusual gaiety
مرادفات: bear in mind, be mindful of, consider, observe, heed, take notice of, pay attention to, take in
record (something) in writing.
he noted down her address on a piece of paper
مرادفات: write down, put down, jot down, take down, inscribe, enter, mark, record, r


Soon a prominent producer, a noted director and their friends rushed to the rescue of the students.

noted sportsman in his early years he was also a member of the Town Council in Loughrea in the late forties.

Alexander, a former vice chancellor and a noted high-jumper were all honoured that day.

A most amiable and kindly man, he was held in very high esteem and was a noted character in the area.

But aside from that Tom was an artist of great talent and also a notedsinger in the USA.

By 1960, she had produced Jameson’s Raid, becoming a noted historian in her fifties.

It is a replica of Auberge de Castile, a noted architectural landmark in Valletta Harbour.

وفي النهاية نتمنى ان يصبح المحتوى الذي قدمناه الذي يحمل لقب noted – ترجمة معني noted بالعربي نال اعجابكم وحاز على رضاكم

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سيدة تشتكي من قرينها فسألها ضاط البوليس ما لقب شريك حياتك فقالت اولة اخت الختلة وآخرة قرين

مسألة وموضوع اليوم هو سيدة تشتكي من قرينها فسألها ضاط البوليس ما لقب شريك حياتك …

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